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As of Oct 24th, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a charity get started?

Signing up is easy and free. Contact us via email or use the contact form below. Our Development team will collect some information and we can have your page up and running in just a few days.

We provide linking-code so you can easily add our site link to your HOW TO HELP or SHOP TO SUPPORT page. We'll also provide code for adding your Make Shopping Count link to your email signature file as well.

Finally, we ask that you send out an email to your list of supports, donors, members, volunteers, and staff. A sample email will be provided or you can craft your own. Sample Social Media posts will also be provided, along with a custom QR-code that points to your MSC marketplace page that you can print out for use at live events.

How can our supporters maximize this benefit?

  1. We recommend everyone bookmark your charity's MakeShoppingCount page.
  2. Supporters will register with us on their first visit.
  3. Every time they shop online, the session needs to begin at the MakeShoppingCount page in order for the purchases to be tracked and accredited.
  4. Shoppers can search for products across all of our stores (comparison shop for the best price, etc.) or choose the store of their choice.
  5. Shoppers use their existing accounts at their favorite stores, they just need to begin at our page, the link to their favorite store to shop.
  6. We'll email them updates on their progress and provide valuable offers and discount coupons.
  7. Most families spend 100's of dollars each month online. Small business owners often spend 1000's. Reminding your supporters regularly to use your page at MakeShoppingCount can pay real dividends!
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