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As of Sep 4th, 2023

How it works

Feb 10th, 2022

How does MakeShopping Count work?

You make a difference every time you shop for the things you need or want. - You shop at the 200+ stores you already know. - A percentage of what you spend is donated to my cause (on average 3%). - The stores pay for it all. You never pay more, and may even pay less with coupons and deals!

Why do stores pay for it all?

Our retailers believe you'll be a great customer and you'll tell your friends. They like being good corporate citizens, helping to support YOUR favorite cause or charity.

  • When hundreds of people shop each month to support a charity, collectively you can make a big difference - driving the mission forward, simply by shopping, and all for free.
  • Charities need resources to accomplish their goals. You can help, simply by doing what you normally do, at no cost to you or your cause.

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