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As of Dec 6th, 2023

Booking Your Travel

Aug 21st, 2023


Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, and more...

Booking your vacation or business travel are great ways to use Make Shopping Count to support your favorite charity!


Hi, it's Maria… and today I want to share with you a tip on how to use your charity's Make Shopping Count (MSC) page while booking travel.

Simply use our Categories filter and select Travel.

We have airlines, hotels, car rentals, and some of the biggest travel aggregator sites in the industry… from Southwest Airlines and Alamo car rental to CheapOAir, Expedia, and even VBRO.


It's so simple. Just visit the site of your choice by clicking their logo on our page. A bit of code will attribute your purchase back to your charity, which gets paid for your referral link traffic. Just one extra click truly makes a difference.

You get the same travel bookings from the same sites, for the same price… and help your favorite charity!


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